Selling Online

The wholesale industry has been growing more and more every year. With dropshipping, selling online has become much easier for those who choose to start an online retail business from home. The sooner you can get your foot in the door the better, that’s because the competition will continue to grow.

Ecommerce is part of the online business community that has been growing because more people have found a way to build their own online retail business from home. It’s becoming more popular because of the large amount of money being made and is creating more avenues for others to make money, keeping everything in circulation.

A lot of experienced computer users don’t know about the online retail industry and how it can create a profitable income. The Internet is an enormous place and is becoming the leading way for anyone to start an online business or to kick start an already established business.


Starting Your Own Online Retail Business

There are many components to starting your own online retail business. It’s important not to skip around with gathering information and setting up accounts. Doing everything in order allows you to prepare yourself effectively for the next step. Once you know what is expected of yourself, you can start building an online retail business properly. This is an overview that will help you learn what is expected starting up an online retail business:

1. First you should find out is where you want to start selling your items. Think about what seems suitable for you. Think about auction websites, if you want to start selling through places like Amazon or eBay or maybe even both.

2. After deciding where to start selling, you should also think about setting up your own online retail store. In the mean time while your figuring out what items sell well on auction sites, this should give you a better idea deciding what products to sell on your online retail store.

3. Now at the same time while thinking about where to sell items, you should be learning about your drop shippers. See what they require from you and start preparing yourself to begin starting your business.

4. Start deciding on a business name, and then apply for a business bank account; depositing a minimum amount can do this. The minimum amount can be around $100. If you don’t have a Tax ID already then begin applying for one. Acquiring a Tax ID should be a fast and easy process.

5. Once you have the initial requirements for your own business you can now open an account with your drop shipper. Send them all the information they need from you including your Tax ID. By now you should have a good idea on choosing a domain name for your website.

6. After opening an account with your drop shippers, find out how they can help you with selling their products. They could provide you with wholesale price lists to help you compare pricing on other online retail stores or auction sites. You can start figuring out how to price your products to make you the best profit possible and continuous sales. For each of your products keep a folder on your computer which contains images and descriptions, which you can get from your drop shipper.

7. Get in touch with a merchant account provider. This allows you to accept customer’s credit card information for your online retail store. You may also have other payment methods like PayPal available to your customers. Having payment methods like accepting credit card payments available makes customers feel safe and comfortable using a secure payment method.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to communicate and reach out to your customers and audience interested in your brand. It’s free and effective! Also, social media marketing allows retailers to promote their brand, vision, mission and their personality. All of these represent exceptional retailer characteristics that open up your reach to broaden you target audience. Putting in effort into your social media marketing will pay off eventually, when your social media accounts are well managed.

Your customers will be more engaged and involved in your brand and will attract attention to your retail store. However, it does take some time to gain your audience’s interest. It’s important to switch up what you post on your social media accounts. It’s a big turn off if it seems you are only trying to get customers to buy your products. Customers do not like when someone is only trying to get their money. Try to post entertaining and enjoyable content related to your brand. Once in a while you can remind your audience what products you are selling.

Once you’ve got the hang of creating content to post, there are services out there to help those with social media marketing. Services like Hootsuite prevents all that time wasted logging into to each social media account and posting the same information. It is a real convenience.

How to use Email Marketing to help your online business

Starting your own website to promote your products and using dropshipping as a retailer, is a good route people take to become more successful in the wholesale industry. One way to help your website grow is to connect with people through email marketing! Email marketing is heavily effective for people who have an existing customer base. To start creating a customer base you should be collecting email addresses. In your emails, you can promote new products, special offers or advertise any upcoming sales. Follow the email marketing laws and guidelines to keep good credibility. Then you will gain growth and loyalty in your customers. Building a client base in email marketing will help make sale conversions by keeping a healthy relationship with them.



Template Monster

WordPress and other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce already provide Website themes. However, Turnkey services like Template Monster sell already designed and profitable eCommerce websites for dropshipping products. If you decide to purchase a Turnkey website from Template Monster, you will gain access to CMS (Content Management System) editing tools to make any changes to your ready-made website. They also provide addition assistance like tutorial lessons on installing and setting up your purchased website.


These are the available themes for each platform:

Rich and Attractive Website Designs

The Turnkey website theme selections range from simple, but effective to modern and stylish. There are already customized website themes built for your product you wish to start dropshipping. They are certain you will be able to find a template theme that appeals and meets your expectations. The idea for each of these Turnkey ready-made website designs is developed around a product’s niche market that gives you a higher chance to profit faster dropshipping rather than trying to develop a website from scratch on your own. You should be able to find a theme that is relevant to your needs.


Installing A Turnkey Website

After purchasing a Turnkey website all you have to do is upload the files provided to your hosting server. If you are not familiar with this process, Template Monster provides a exclusive tutorial video to help navigate you to complete installing your Turnkey website. There is also a option installation service available to purchase that lets their technical support team fully install your website for you.

Easy To Use Editing Tools

For all Turnkey websites provided by Template Monster will allow you to fully customize your theme to your liking. The Turnkey’s CMS editing tools are easy to pick up and use, it doesn’t require learning a higher technical background. All the websites content is divided in boxes, to arrange your website’s content, literally just click on the box and drag it to where you want it.


Technical Support Services

For any assistance or issues with you Turnkey website, help will be provided by Template Monster’s support team. Their customer support is available 24/7 by either call or through their online live chat service.

Social Media Marketing Resources:



Hootsuite is a third-party application that conveniently combines all of your social media account feeds into one dashboard. It’s a website-based platform only so you won’t have to download any software. It allows you to write, send, track and even schedule posts from its easy to use interface across multiple social media account platforms smoothly.

Overall, It is a great tool for marketing products if you are a online retailer, it saves tons a time for those people or businesses to manage multiple social media accounts. For example, managing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be done in on sweep for most social media purposes. Also, you can add team members and implement work assignments to them. Then you can monitor analytics and overview performance as well.


Aweber is an outstanding email marketing service to help any online business succeed. They provide resources like video training, how-to guides and an award- winning blog that is constantly updated with marketing news and tips. They have great features and user-friendly customizable sign-up forms. Aweber is a awesome provider with a large amount of tools that can help serve many purposes. The list goes on from how much features they have to offer from performance tracking, autoresponders follow-ups and collecting and managing subscribers.