I started selling products online and saw how easily it was to make extra money from home. Basically, once I found a supplier with good quality products that had a demand I was able to sell them fairly often. I gained a good amount of experience selling online, then I stumbled upon dropshipping. With dropshipping being a new industry there was a lot of doubt and skepticism. However, I seen a demand for more information about dropshipping and so I figured I’d get into it.

December 1st 2018

This month my goal is to set up an Amazon seller’s account and explore integrated dropshipper suppliers through Oberlo. Once I find products to sell, I can see the feedback for in that product niche market. If the demand for any of the products are good enough, I will then plan out how to expand my business and generate more sales.

Janurary 1st 2019

What better way to start the new year by working on an online business you’ve created! I cant wait to share more of my dropshipping business goals and plans with everyone!