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How it Works
When customers gain membership access, they are required to submit required information that will qualify them to promote and sell products with any drop shipper. Drop shipper supplier will have to complete a vendor portfolio that will provide specific information, descriptions and other product content to assist retailers with membership access. The idea is for retailers and drop shipper suppliers to eliminate the repetitive process of finding a drop shipper and products inquiries and common request (The back-and-forth interactions can seem slow and complicated in the process to drop ship products online.)

Dropship Tour Member’s Experience
Instead of searching for a drop shipper with the right products like a online directory, they search for specific products. The products will already have detailed information (images, descriptions, statistics, reviews) listed without having to speak to the drop shipper. Once retailers have found a product they want to sell. For each product there will be a listing generator that can be customized then produces a listing code that can be posted on that retailer’s online store. For retailers selling on other platforms like amazon or etsy, there will be a download method to keep product’s information for retailers use when listing products online in marketplaces mentioned.

When products are sold
Selling on their own store: For every product sold using the generated coding, the payment process is standard except the retailers information will be sent to the drop shipper supplier to track who is selling their product.

Selling on a marketplace platform: Before listing drop shipper’s products, members are required to follow agreement before listing products on marketplaces. Might be a completely different checkout process experience for retailers but ordinary experience for customers. (possible difference: retailer lists products using their business account on marketplaces, but payment process is done by drop shipper for tracking purposes.)

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