Dropshipping Business For Millennials

Why is a dropshipping business ideal for younger generations, primarily college students, people in their 20’s and 30’s. For example we know that college isn’t exactly for everyone immediately after high school. For instance, like myself, I wasn’t fully sure what I wanted to go to school for career wise as a long-term path. I dabbled around here and there but couldn’t find a field of study that stuck to me to feel passionately about. I liked doing things my own way, I wanted a work field where I could still be creative and not be stuck following a standard procedure of operations. That left me with the following, being a musician, filmography or an entrepreneurial of some kind. I’ve tried all three and the one I found more growth and seemed more promising was starting a dropshipping business. An online business seemed more my generation, it gave me belief to someone without a degree requirement and not needing a very large budget to start a business. All the information and resources were available at my fingertips throughout the Internet.

I came across the idea of wholesaling products online through marketplaces like eBay and Amazon when I was in high school. I suggested the idea to my friends and they liked the idea and thought it was possible. We started researching where to find products to buy wholesale to sell online to make a profit. Maybe we didn’t look hard enough because we didn’t know where to find suppliers; we thought the competitors already had personal connections that we didn’t have.

A couple years later I met someone at one of my new jobs and was making money with his own online business doing online marketing. Pretty much he found a product that was in demand and was promoting someone else’s product making profit. This was inspirational to me because this person was my age and ended up becoming finically successful on his own, whereas people doubted making money online was legitimate. Call me gullible, but my gut told me that this was the future for younger generations to get their foot in the door.

I found a good paying job that I was able to sustain myself independently and I can say now fortunately I felt I didn’t need to stay in school and pursue a career path. However, with the money I was making it still did not give me the lifestyle and freedom I wanted, it was something I did not see long-term. With the extra money I had I saw an opportunity to invest that money into an online business that could give me the financial abundance that would bring me more freedom to my life.

Feeling determined, I began researching online to find which online industries fit my interest. I didn’t have to look too far because I recognized the ones I’ve been hearing about like wholesaling online and affiliate marking being talked about the most. Diving in deeper I came across dropshipping, this was something I have never heard about yet, but I wanted to learn more. Basically from what I got was that dropshipping is the online strategy or model to wholesaling products from suppliers exclusively online only. I like this idea and I knew others did too.

In my early 20’s I was introduced to industries that do not require a college degree and thought it’s too good to be true, it’s a scam probably. That may be true to some of the recruiting companies out there, but what I learned about dropshipping is that, it is an online eCommerce industry, which is a new avenue for income that people are still discovering and are trying to regulate it. Back in 2013 when dropshipping started becoming more recognized there were people who doubted the industry right from the start. As you can see now the dropshipping industry is live and well. Many eCommerce platforms are starting to become dropshipping friendly and are actually making the fulfillment process more convenient and easier to use.

I think that it’s safe to say that because the dropshipping industry is so affordable and user-friendly, people who have began their own dropshipping business stuck with it even if they are not making a great amount of sales. There’s low risk involved and there is no mandatory commitment. You can pick it up at anytime and you can take a break anytime you want. Having a dropshipping business at hand can give you the upper hand advantage over others who are struggling with finding a source of income.