Turnkey Websites

Turnkey websites are pre-built websites that are fully developed ready and ready to use within 24 hours after purchasing one. There are already Turnkey websites that specialize in dropshipping purposes. Some Turnkey services provide a database with products to choose from.


Template Monster

WordPress and other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce already provide Website themes. However, Turnkey services like Template Monster sell already designed and profitable eCommerce websites for dropshipping products. If you decide to purchase a Turnkey website from Template Monster, you will gain access to CMS (Content Management System) editing tools to make any changes to your ready-made website. They also provide addition assistance like tutorial lessons on installing and setting up your purchased website.


These are the available themes for each platform:


Rich and Attractive Website Designs

The Turnkey website theme selections range from simple, but effective to modern and stylish. There are already customized website themes built for your product you wish to start dropshipping. They are certain you will be able to find a template theme that appeals and meets your expectations. The idea for each of these Turnkey ready-made website designs is developed around a product’s niche market that gives you a higher chance to profit faster dropshipping rather than trying to develop a website from scratch on your own. You should be able to find a theme that is relevant to your needs.


Installing A Turnkey Website 

After purchasing a Turnkey website all you have to do is upload the files provided to your hosting server. If you are not familiar with this process, Template Monster provides a exclusive tutorial video to help navigate you to complete installing your Turnkey website. There is also a option installation service available to purchase that lets their technical support team fully install your website for you.


Easy To Use Editing Tools

 For all Turnkey websites provided by Template Monster will allow you to fully customize your theme to your liking. The Turnkey’s CMS editing tools are easy to pick up and use, it doesn’t require learning a higher technical background. All the websites content is divided in boxes, to arrange your website’s content, literally just click on the box and drag it to where you want it.


Technical Support Services

For any assistance or issues with you Turnkey website, help will be provided by Template Monster’s support team. Their customer support is available 24/7 by either call or through their online live chat service.