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I thought it would be useful to organize buy online lab report a section where those looking for tools to succeed in dropshipping can come to learn, explore and implement them into their own business.

Template Monster

WordPress and other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce already provide Website themes. However, Turnkey services like Template Monster sell already designed and profitable eCommerce websites for dropshipping products. If you decide to purchase a Turnkey website from Template Monster, you will gain access to CMS (Content Management System) editing tools to make any changes to your ready-made website. They also provide addition assistance like tutorial lessons on installing and setting up your purchased website.

These are the available themes for each platform:

Rich and Attractive Website Designs

The Turnkey website theme selections range from simple, but effective to modern and stylish. There are already customized website themes built for your product you wish to start dropshipping. They are certain you will be able to find a template theme that appeals and meets your expectations. The idea for each of these Turnkey ready-made website designs is developed around a product’s niche market that gives you a higher chance to profit faster dropshipping rather than trying to develop a website from scratch on your own. You should be able to find a theme that is relevant to your needs.

Installing A Turnkey Website

After purchasing a Turnkey website all you have to do is upload the files provided to your hosting server. If you are not familiar with this process, Template Monster provides a exclusive tutorial video to help navigate you to complete installing your Turnkey website. There is also a option installation service available to purchase that lets their technical support team fully install your website for you.

Easy To Use Editing Tools

For all Turnkey websites provided by Template Monster will allow you to fully customize your theme to your liking. The Turnkey’s CMS editing tools are easy to pick up and use, it doesn’t require learning a higher technical background. All the websites content is divided in boxes, to arrange your website’s content, literally just click on the box and drag it to where you want it.

Technical Support Services

For any assistance or issues with you Turnkey website, help will be provided by Template Monster’s support team. Their customer support is available 24/7 by either call or through their online live chat service.

Social Media Marketing Resources:


Hootsuite is a third-party application that conveniently combines all of your social media account feeds into one dashboard. It’s a website-based platform only so you won’t have to download any software. It allows you to write, send, track and even schedule posts from its easy to use interface across multiple social media account platforms smoothly.

Overall, It is a great tool for marketing products if you are a online retailer, it saves tons a time for those people or businesses to manage multiple social media accounts. For example, managing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be done in on sweep for most social media purposes. Also, you can add team members and implement work assignments to them. Then you can monitor analytics and overview performance as well.


Aweber is an outstanding email marketing service to help any online business succeed. They provide resources like video training, how-to guides and an award- winning blog that is constantly updated with marketing news and tips. They have great features and user-friendly customizable sign-up forms. Aweber is a awesome provider with a large amount of tools that can help serve many purposes. The list goes on from how much features they have to offer from performance tracking, autoresponders follow-ups and collecting and managing subscribers.

For online retailers or for those interested in dropshipping, here are some really good online tools and services designed to help you sell products. If you’re looking to get an online retail business started, I suggest that you look into some professional services that can help you make your next step!

I have listed some great online services that could assist you in selling products online. Some of them are absolutely free, plus they work really well and they really comes in handy.

Online Retiler Selling Platforms & DropShipping Services:

Why Use DropShipping With Both WooCommerce & AliDropship Together?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with AliExpress, it’s basically a marketplace like Amazon, but based in China. Many retailers in the U.S. outsource to vendors and manufacturers through AliExpress because they can buy products at a very low cost. Additionally, dropshipping overseas may seem complicated because you might feel you’re paying too much for international shipping or that you’ll perhaps wait too long a package to arrive. Buyers need not to be discouraged from buying products abroad only because they’re skeptical.

Dropshipping is thriving industry, and thankfully, services like WooCommerce and AliDropship make it easier for retailers – consumers and producers – to easier become evermore successful where online retailers can make some serious money.

AliDropship is a plugin app you can install within WordPress or WooCommerce and has products to choose from. Whenever you select a product you wish to sell it is automatically listed on your online store, product descriptions and photos too.

Automatic DropShipping Features

AliDrophip’s main purpose is to provide your WordPress or eCommerce website with one-click plugins to make it dropshipping friendly for you to become a online store from a to z. They make it easy for you to find products, list products, process payments and to dropship products automatically fulfilling each order. AliDropship offers automated tools to help you with product pricing letting you figure out where to set the price. Also for beginners who don’t want to get too involved with figuring out coding, there are WooCommerce pre-built themes for eCommerce purposes.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin hosted by WooTheme that is used to help online retailers accept different forms of payment and much more! It’s a free software you can download from their website. Although, it comes with a price to use all of its best features, like integrating PayPal as a form of payment to your website. Once you’ve activated WooCommerce, you can pick and choose what extensions you wish to use. This saves a lot of hassle dealing with coding. If you’re familiar using WordPress, the picking up WooCommerce should be a minor learning curve for you. Overall, WooCommerce is great for small businesses, mainly because it is free and easy to pick up compared to other merchant account platforms. It’s a great way to get familiar with merchant account features so that you can build experience from there.

WooCommerce DropShipping

Getting into both these services AliDropship has cheap and affordable products to sell. However, as mentioned international shipping will take much longer than domestic shipping. Then that where WooCommerce comes in, through WooCommerce shipping they make international shipping easier, fast and cost less. They provide international USPS shipping labels that gives you discounted postage rates. Reduces cart abandonment by accepting purchases from international shoppers. Save a lot of time for processing each international shipping transaction by being able to print international shipping labels at your own convenience . With WooCommerce Shipping you will spend less time at the post office and will save you more money on shipping costs.

Shopify is a fully web-based eCommerce platform that provides online retailers the access to sell goods online. Then you can customize your store, choose your design, pick out what suits your brand, add products, adjust tax and shipping settings, manage orders, manage customers, get sales reports, and so on. It’s a basically a sales register for online retailers, both small and big. It fits multi-purpose businesses, so if you are just starting a new online shop, or bringing an offline store online to grow your business, you will find the proper aspects to help your business grow. Shopify can help you save time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business to make it efficient.

Oberlo is drop shipping service hosted by Shopify. It is an app feature that let’s you import products directly to your Shopify marketplace, ready to sell and drop ship to your customers. What makes it really easy to us is that they provide you with products that are all available to drop ship from suppliers found on AliExpress. In short AliExpress is an overseas ecommerce marketplace platform where online retailers find products listed there to be extremely resourceful for their retail business. This is why Oberlo product database is full with AliExpress products to choose from. The best part of Oberlo is that when you see a product you want to sell, the allow you to import that product directly to your Shopify store with one-click and it is automatically listed for you.

Spocket is a Shopify app, allowing retails to conveniently drop ship products from Etsy to their Shopify store. You can import products directly from Etsy sellers and list them in your Shopify store. The app’s features allow you to manage products, orders, customers and view store analytics.

A breakdown of how it works for customers: Once a buyer purchase’s an Etsy product though the retailer’s Shopify Store, the buyer’s shipping information will be sent to the Etsy seller. From there the Etsy seller will ship the product to the buyer to fulfill the order. It is basically the same fulfillment process for drop shipping products.

SaleHoo is an online directory used by online retailers to search for wholesalers and dropshippers. It has thousands of suppliers and a vast range of products for online retailers to choose from. They list only verified trustworthy suppliers to prevent you coming into contact with scammers you may find elsewhere. SaleHoo is perfect for all business sizes, including small start-up businesses with low budget. It includes suppliers that require no minimum orders and provides international shipping. They offer access to their Market Research Lab, which lets you know which products are best selling and in addition it gives you tips to help promote those products.

Some key benefits for using an online directories like SaleHoo is that, they take the confusion out of selling online by helping you find reliable dropshippers. SaleHoo is ideal for online retailers who want to start dropshipping and want to build an online eCommerce business from home. Mainly because they help you decide which products to sell online and provide further more steps.