Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to communicate and reach out to your customers and audience interested in your brand. It’s free and effective! Also, social media marketing allows retailers to promote their brand, vision, mission and their personality. All of these represent exceptional retailer characteristics that open up your reach to broaden you target audience. Putting in effort into your social media marketing will pay off eventually, when your social media accounts are well managed.

Your customers will be more engaged and involved in your brand and will attract attention to your retail store. However, it does take some time to gain your audience’s interest. It’s important to switch up what you post on your social media accounts. It’s a big turn off if it seems you are only trying to get customers to buy your products. Customers do not like when someone is only trying to get their money. Try to post entertaining and enjoyable content related to your brand. Once in a while you can remind your audience what products you are selling.

Once you’ve got the hang of creating content to post, there are services out there to help those with social media marketing. Services like Hootsuite prevents all that time wasted logging into to each social media account and posting the same information. It is a real convenience.


Hootsuite is a third-party application that conveniently combines all of your social media account feeds into one dashboard. It’s a website-based platform only so you won’t have to download any software. It allows you to write, send, track and even schedule posts from its easy to use interface across multiple social media account platforms smoothly. Overall, It is a great tool that saves tons a time for those people or businesses to manage multiple social media accounts. For example, managing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be done in on sweep for most social media purposes. Also, you can add team members and implement work assignments to them. Then you can monitor analytics and overview performance as well.

Manage Multiple Feeds in One Place

With Hootsuite, you can even add more than one of the same social media network accounts. For example, you can manage multiple Twitter feeds or Facebook pages. Although it is very useful to post the same content on each different account, it is important you’re doing it right. So be cautious and think of the type of audience you have on each network and how you want to target them. Remember your Facebook following will be different to your Twitter followers. Also, Twitter only allows a limited amount of characters for the body of each tweet, where as Facebook allows much longer and detailed posts with photos and videos.

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