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Finding The Best Dropshippers

The dropshippers you’re looking for are suppliers and wholesalers who are dropship capable and you want to seek business with to help you sell products online. Read on to find out where to go about finding them, the good one!

What to sell online?

Finding the best dropshippers might be the stump in the road for most people. There are so many categories to choose from, but how do you decide what is best for you. Really there is no wrong or right, I’d say from experience you should choose something you’re interested in or may in even have a passion for. To begin somewhere I would recommend you to start off creating a short list of interest you have. This way you can begin to restrict your choices and narrow it down to something that seems right for you. Once you’ve created a list, the next step is to do the research and find relevant products related to your interest. For example I like fashion, there’s a lot of fashion wholesalers out there that might fit my standards of good quality clothing and accessories. When looking at these fashion products, I ask myself if I would be interested in purchasing them? Let’s say I haven’t seen anything that seems worthy for my taste in fashion. I’m not saying there aren’t any good quality suppliers with really cool stuff; let’s just say I haven’t seeing anything that lives up to my standards. This is part of the selection process and this is why you do the research first before jumping into anything so quickly. On my list I also wrote down electronics, this is very broad you want to look at something specific related to electronics. For me I like having a good sound system to listen to music or watch movies with high quality speakers. Perhaps you have a favorite brand of speakers you enjoy and trust. Maybe you didn’t find that exact product but you seen a supplier that carries other name brand speakers. Again, do a little further research and look for reviews for these other brand speakers. Now lets say you seen a speaker or another product that has good feedback and you feel positive about it. This can be an exciting feeling for you, but its not over yet.


How do you know if this product will create a profit for you?

This brings you to your final research assignment for choosing what to sell online. Here’s what I recommend you look for, you want to find something with low competition and high demand. For example I’m looking at home audio products, how do I find out more information on this. For starters you can search on eBay or Amazon and see how many people are already selling a particular product. You can also find out how much your dropshipper is selling it for and how much other people are selling it for by contacting your supplier. Ask for a report to see for yourself how that product is selling. You might not get it on your first try, but if you keep on looking eventually you will find the right dropshipper that matches what you’re looking for. This way your building experience and confidence in dealing with dropshippers and suppliers by knowing what questions to ask them. Doing the proper research on your product or products is the most important step before selling them.


Product Sourcing

Finding the best dropshippers and suppliers is what’s going to give you the boost you need to get ahead. Finding the best dropshippers is what also stumps most people when looking for a product. You can’t escape the research part; you now have to learn about product sourcing. It also helps to learn about avoiding scam dropshippers and suppliers. You most definitely don’t want anyone running away with your money. You can do it yourself by searching online, but I wouldn’t recommend searching online because of how risky it is. If you find something online, it isn’t easy as a beginner to know how legitimate and how trustworthy they are. Another way of product resources is by picking up trade magazines, they have distributers and manufacturers listed in them. The trade magazines are likely to advertise legitimate suppliers and dropshippers because they are a credible source. Trade magazines are a good source to go to, but at the same time you might not find those products you’re looking for. Your next best bet to finding dropshippers is by going to trade shows. Trade shows is where you can find some of the best dropshippers. Although, this may even be hard for anyone who isn’t already a established retailer. In most cases trade shows is for the big leagues are looking for experienced retail sellers. They want to see your sales and see if you can handle selling their products. In the end finding the best dropshippers takes some time doing research. Taking shortcuts around doing research can lead you to making mistakes. You can either end up being scammed or not finding the best prices to make better profits.


Online Directories

Everything I described so far is the most practical way to find out what to want to sell online and finding the best dropshippers that best fits you on your own. It may seem difficult in some areas, especially when it comes to finding dropshippers. One thing I haven’t mentioned is that you can look into for better product sourcing is getting access to online directories. This makes this process way easier when trying to find the best dropshippers. Online directories are built to show where you can find already established, trustworthy and legitimate dropshippers and suppliers. Here are two online directories I found that is extremely helpful and that have already done to homework for you!

Take a look at:

Word Wide Brand’s Directory

Worldwidebrands specialize in providing enormous lists of certified dropshippers and suppliers in their online directory. They give you access to their top-level dropshippers where can you find the best dropshippers to start a online store. Having a really good dropshipper will increase your online reputation whether you have a online store or have a online auctions account. They have a great amount of product choices to choose from so you are not so limited when doing product research. Another great thing about them is that they have award-winning suppliers that have been showcased on major television networks like the travel channel and national geographic. Using those products can really help with marketing opportunities. As I mentioned before looking for dropshippers yourself is possible, but you may spend too much time researching only to find low level and mid level dropshippers or even worst, a scam supplier. Going through a online directory may be the safest route and also will save you plenty of time not having to do everything yourself.

The other online directory I would highly recommend is:

Salehoo’s Directory

Salehoo membership give you access to a really helpful feature which is their market research lab page. In their market research lab page you can search for specific keywords or products and they give you information on what your looking for. This is great for doing research on finding what to sell. It shows you what products are hot and the success rate you will have selling them. Everything I explained about doing the research yourself to find a product to sell and finding dropshippers can be done all in one site.

What To Look For In Dropshippers

1. Different industries can have different supply chains. Understanding where you fit into this picture can help you find suppliers that will cater to your needs.

2. Try to figure out who manufactures the items you want to sell on your store and contact them directly to ask them if they can drop ship their items.

3. They drop ship – That’s great news, because you just found a perfect vendor! Make sure to ask about what they require from their partners, and their minimum order requirements.

4. Ask them about what distributors they supply their products to and take note of them.

5. They don’t offer their products for resale – Oh well, at least you know now. Time to try someone else.


Things you should know before speaking with dropshippers

1. Wholesalers often need proof that you’re an actual retailer and not just a consumer before they even consider partnering with you.

2. Be familiar with basic drop shipping terminology and common practices before you call.

3. Make sure you have your business’ EIN number on hand already.

4. Learn about avoiding illegitimate suppliers.


How to avoid fake dropshippers

1. A real dropshipper supplier would not charge a setup fee or membership fee.

2. Real wholesalers and dropshippers don’t request sensitive information like your business license or sales tax ID during the initial contact.

3. False dropshippers pretend to be a wholesaler and strategically increase what your true wholesale price should be, making it seemingly impossible for anyone to profit

4. Real certified dropshippers want you to succeed, they give you the best wholesale prices you can get for that very reason.

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