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Dropshipping Resources – Where To Find Dropshippers

Searching online for dropshippers is putting your business at risk. This is one likely way of running into fake dropshippers. Doing research on where to find real dropshippers can take some time, but totally worth it. You want to start by looking at what resources are out there that will help you find real drop shippers for your product. They’re only a handful of resources for real dropshippers, but don’t you worry about less products being available. I guarantee there is a real dropshipper with the right products for your business.

I want to remind you taking shortcuts and not putting in time doing enough research can lead to bad results. You could end up being scammed because you were not aware of how scammers operate. Settling for a drop shipper without knowing the prices for all you options to make you a better profit. Product sourcing is a good way to learn where to find real drop shippers.


Legitimate Dropshippers Work Directly With The Manufacturer

Real dropshippers stock their own inventory and ship from their own warehouse. The Manufacturer of the product, know who their legitimate Wholesalers are, because the wholesalers will order products from them in bulk on a regular basis. They get the best prices so they can pass savings online to you as the retailer. The more you sell, the more they will stock their inventory and everyone in the chain makes profit. The wholesalers have accounts with the real drop shipper who carries the product in their own inventory.


Legitimate Dropshippers Want You To Succeed

Very significant detail about real dropshippers are that real certified drop shippers want you to succeed! They need retailers like you selling their products and to know that in order for you to make sales profit, you have to have competitive prices. They give you the best wholesale prices you can get is for the reason to keep up or beat competition.


Product Sourcing:

Trade Magazines

Trade magazines are a good resource to find real dropshippers contact details listed. Suppliers and drop shippers advertise themselves through trade magazine. This helps supplier build better reputation because the trade magazine will verify they are legitimate.


Trade Shows

 Attending trade shows is another really good resource to find real dropshippers. Trade shows allow you to speak with the supplier in person. If you are a beginner retailer this might not be the preferred route because these established suppliers want retailers with experience who can be ready to sell their product successfully.


Online Directories

Online directories have a very extensive list of verified suppliers with real drop shippers listed. Most online directories require a membership fee. Depending on the online directory you become a member of, they will have features to help you decide what products are good to sell. In my opinion online directories are the most convenient and safest way to find product to sell. They do most of the research for you by providing details of the supplier before you even decide to contact them. Here is more information on what online directories offer their members.


Online Directory Features

1. Online directories have hundreds or even thousands of products to choose from.

2. They provide enormous lists of real drop shippers and certified and legitimate suppliers for many niche markets.

3. Directories have unique features like product feedback, how hot the product is and shows competition level.

4. Retailers have more success selling products they found through online directories due to the safety of dealing with trusty drop shippers.


Multi-Sourcing Methods:


Dropshipping – Dropshippers store all stock on site. In the event a sale, dropshippers will process, package and post your orders individually.

With dropshipping there are no minimum orders required, so you don’t need to have a lot of money to get started.

Order goods in bulk are better in the long run, whereas buying individually the price per unit will be slightly higher.

The goal is the make good profit margins because addition cost can hurt the viability of your business.


Wholesalers – Buys their stock in bulk from the manufacturer at a very low cost per unit. They then distribute it to retail stores and sellers.

You can buy goods at a very low cost per unit from wholesalers if you want your own inventory, leaving plenty of room to profit.

Once you have established an account with a wholesaler, you have a reliable, long-term supply.

Wholesalers generally have minimum order requirements, usually around $100-$300US, designed to stop people from purchasing single units.


Liquidation – Sales occur when a store wishes to get rid of stock and liquidize assets for a move, or, when a company has gone bankrupt and assets are being liquidized to help repay debt.

The main advantage of a liquidation sale is that good quality; near-new or new merchandise is sold off very cheaply.

The only difficulty with liquidation sales is that you can’t predict when they are going to be held, so they cannot provide a reliable, long-term supply of stock.

Both liquidation and clearance sales can be wonderful sources, but they usually require spending $1,000+ and you may end up with stock that’s hard to push.


Manufacturers – Produces the product and as the first link in the supply chain, they are able to give you the best prices.

Distribution is not their primary concern, minimum orders are normally high.

For established sellers, buying directly from the manufacturer is the most cost effective way of buying bulk merchandise.

You will need to order 1000+ units or by the container load, thus this is usually not a viable option for beginners.

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